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Woman says contractor didn't finish home improvement project

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The woman hired Tim Amerson to do the work (WFSB) The woman hired Tim Amerson to do the work (WFSB)

A Connecticut woman said she shelled out tens of thousands of dollars to a contractor who left her high and dry without finishing the job.

When Lauren Allyn bought her home in Mystic in 2010, it was a big check-mark off her to do list.

"My independence, becoming an adult. It was my number one goal. Get a job, get my career settled, get a house, just to establish myself and stand on my own two feet,” Allyn said.

Last summer, she decided she wanted to finish the upstairs and create a master suite.

She interviewed three contractors and finally decided on Tim Amerson of "AIS Contracting.”

"I felt like he was an easy-going guy, easy to talk to. Every time I said something he'd say, ‘oh I have an idea for that.’ He would paint a picture for me and I could see it,” Allyn said.

The high school math teacher was quoted at about $20 thousand for the job, $6,000 of which she paid upfront.

She said things seemed to be going well until late August when she says Amerson and his crew just stopped showing up.

"I was really hurt and I was like wow this is somebody that I trusted and put all of this faith into him,” Allyn said.

When all was said and done, she paid Amerson $34,000, but parts of the shower weren't finished, the toilet wasn't hooked up, the stairs weren't stained and the boiler wasn't installed.

Not to mention she was finding leaks in her ceiling as well as mold, there were gaps from the baseboard to the floor and some of the walls were cracking.

"It's awful. It's so discouraging. It's upsetting, I almost lose faith in people sometimes,” Allyn said.

The Eyewitness News I-Team looked into "AIS Contracting" and Amerson after Allyn contacted us.

According to state records, Amerson is not a licensed home improvement contractor, and his business is also not licensed, despite what it says on his website.

After talking with town officials, it was learned that Amerson never pulled permits for the construction job on Allyn’s home.

"It bothers me to no end to know that he is still out there. He's still working. He's still making money and he hasn't had as much as a slap on the wrist...nothing,” she said.

One of Amerson’s references, Amy Sarcia, said “I’m just saying whatever claims are being made against him I have no information about that."

Amerson responded back to Eyewitness News on Thursday evening, saying there is much more to the story and denies Allyn's allegations.

However, he did not deny having some issues with the Department of Labor.

According to the Department of Labor, 10 employees have filed complaints against AIS Contracting, saying they were owed wages.

Five cases have been resolved and closed, and the other five are under investigation.

In terms of Allyn’s situation, she did contact the Department of Consumer Protection who is looking into her case.

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