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Family grieves loss of dog after deadly coyote attack

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A family is grieving the loss of their family dog after a coyote attacked and killed it while in the backyard of their New London home. 

The Taithue family told Eyewitness News that their Bichon Frise, Poochie, didn't come running back into the house after her morning bathroom break. And, Jacqueline's daughter exclaimed at the horrifying sight.

"She said mom, 'look there is a coyote on top of her,'" Taithue said, trying the shake the image from her mind. "My husband went in the truck, right next to the dog and he was beeping the horn, beeping the horn and the coyote was not moving." 

Finally, she described, family members were able to scare the coyote away, but it was too late. 

"To me, it's like it's one  of my kids, it's no different that she is an animal, than one of my kids," said Taithue. 

Now, police in New London are encouraging residents to watch small animals after the recent rash of coyote sightings in residential neighborhoods. 

"I'm just praying that they get these coyotes because they are going to hurt a kid," said Taithue. 

Police said a canvass of the neighborhood resulted in no detection of a coyote or a den.

In a release issued in mid-April, the New London Police Department said it is working with the Department of Environmental and Energy Protection to address residents’ concerns over the growing number of coyotes in the City.

Officials encourage residents to keep a watchful eye on pets, including small dogs and cats, particularly at night, to curb coyote encounters.

Officials discourage leaving food out for any mammals, and conversely to clean up any bird seed, fallen fruit, or garbage.

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