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About 500 protesters, supporters gather for Trump's CT visit

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Protesters and supporters peacefully coexisted at a New London park on Wednesday morning. (WFSB photos) Protesters and supporters peacefully coexisted at a New London park on Wednesday morning. (WFSB photos)

Thousands of supporters and protesters gathered outside of where the president's visited in Connecticut on Wednesday.

President Donald Trump came to New London to give the commencement speech at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

For many, it meant taking a day off from work in hopes of either catching a glimpse of the commander-in-chief or making their protests heard. However, Trump did not pass near McKinley Park in New London, where people were allowed to gather.

The commencement marked Trump's first official visit to Connecticut since his 2016 campaign.

Some broke out their old make America great again hats or Trump campaign signs. Others made new shirts or signs saying dump Trump.

"He's a duel elected President. I think we deserve to give him a chance and he has good intentions to make America better and I support him," East Hartford resident Steve Brey said. 

The more than 500 supporters and protesters told Eyewitness News that they want to see change.

"I want to see change for the people of America and the middle class and become one," said Richard Brown of New London. "And we need to go forward. We need to make some significant change here. Get jobs back in Connecticut. Let's rock."

Supporters and protesters exchanged some heated words.

"I think that the American public, all of us deserve answers, transparency," Anni Rodgers, of Mystic, said. "I think we deserve to know who knew what, when and I would like to see Trump's taxes." 

"Well I like to always say if I had a nickel for every scandal that was going to be the end of Trump I would be a rich man by now," Jason Coffin, of Colchester, said. "You know most of these stories that come out they are really big, they get disproved then they never talk about them again." 

Police said the event "concluded without incident." 

"Everyone's behavior was tolerable and well within the confines of the law. Despite differences, everyone was able to voice their opinions and remain peaceful," police said in a statement on Wednesday.

No arrests were made in connection with the demonstrations, however, one warrant arrest was made by police. 

"All involved agencies did a great job ensuring the well-being and safety of all demonstration participants," police said.

Other topics included immigration, trump's planned wall, planned parenthood, equal pay. A flotilla was on the Thames River to bring attention to commercial fishing regulations.

"We no longer can fish for groundfish, at least in seaport," John Herron, of New Bedford, Ma. said. 

Trump is currently facing allegations of obstruction of justice with an FBI investigation and leaking classified intelligence to the Russians. A number of people in the crowd were there to protest those things.

For photos of the event, click here.

Eyewitness News will have more on the gathering and the president's visit throughout the day.

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