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Money, items stolen from little league concession stand

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Thieves broke in to a concession stand in Milford (WFSB) Thieves broke in to a concession stand in Milford (WFSB)

Thieves broke into a little league concession stand, swiping not only money, but also the snacks volunteers sell to support the league.

It happened in Milford, where there was a game last Friday. They locked up the snack stand and went home but when the league president showed up on Saturday morning, that’s when he noticed the mess thieves left behind.

"Once they cut the screen, they probably tried to push this up,” said Scott Worzel, the concession stand manager with the Milford National Lou Gehrig Little League. He said when that didn't work, the thieves went to work on another part.

“They must have brought a screwdriver with them and pried the door open here, once they got this door open, they encountered a drywall, proceeded to kick or punch the drywall through,” Worzel said.

In addition to taking roughly $100 from the cash register, Worzel said they swiped most of the snacks.

"We had a dozen or so of these on the wall, they took them off the wall and basically stuffed them full of all the candy and food and ice cream and everything they could get their hands on and they made their way out of here,” Worzel said.

Last year, he said the thieves hit the concession stand at their other field behind the library.

Now they're looking into making security upgrades, starting with cameras.

While he thinks it was likely kids, police are investigating. Police were there taking fingerprints as part of the investigation.

For the league, which is run by all volunteers, Worzel says it’s hard to believe someone would essentially steal from kids.

"We do some fundraisers but during the course of the year, we pass the hat in the 3rd inning of every game and our concession stand, so this is what we use to keep our fields nice and neat, safe, uniforms, pay the utilities, so this is our main revenue source,” Worzel said. “From a cash perspective, about $200 to $300 in additional goods that we had to restock the stand for, the welder was around $150, we'll have to invest in a security system, who knows how much that will be, but its time and effort of volunteers."

Anyone with information is asked to call Milford police.

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