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20 Towns in 20 Days

Nicole Nalepa takes a trip to Ellington

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Nicole Nalepa took a trip to Ellington for 20 Towns in 20 Days (WFSB) Nicole Nalepa took a trip to Ellington for 20 Towns in 20 Days (WFSB)

Ellington is a 231-year-old town that was built on farmland and tradition and was Thursday’s stop for Channel 3’s 20 Towns in 20 days series.

Once upon a time, Ellington had factories that produced parachutes for World War II, pickles, and alcohol.

Years ago, residents were outnumbered by cows, but now, the human population is growing, and many are escaping to the quiet town.

Ellington offers a lot, and if you roll through town, try hopping on a Harley at TSI off Somers Road, or reach high altitudes with the Connecticut Parachutists Inc., where you could jump from 14,000 feet above the earth.

After you’ve filled your hunger for adrenaline, stop by Gerry’s Donuts, which is one of the town’s best-kept secrets around town.

Some places in town have been around for decades, and some establishments are brand new, and already have a strong following, like Luann’s Bakery.

You also can’t forget to check out Kloters Ice Cream Barn, and Oakridge Dairy.

The five-generation farm holds the title of being the largest dairy farm in Connecticut, and produces milk for Guida's Dairy, which is distributed to major supermarkets.

A new state-of-the-art facility they’re building right now is an amazing sight. Eight acres all under one roof, which will house 3,000 cows and allow Oakridge to milk 72 cows all at once.

In town, it’s not just the farmers who work hard, long hours, but Ellington’s unique volunteer ambulance and fire departments.

Also on Thursday, Channel 3 donated $1,000 to the I Matter Foundation.

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