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Twenty Towns in 20 Days

Anchor Mark Zinni enjoys pizza, parks and shopping in Watertown

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Eyewitness News visited Watertown for the final Twenty Towns in 20 Days segment.

For a town incorporated back in 1780, Watertown sure has aged gracefully. 

"Yea, it's a very nice town,” Denise Russ, of Watertown, said. “It's nice, it's quaint, it's nice - the people are wonderful, the merchants are great."

Russ knows the ins-and-outs for anyone visiting Watertown and Oakville. It's a separate section but not a separate town nestled right outside Waterbury in Litchfield County.

"You can take them downtown, Main Street, shopping in the little stores,” Russ said. “And just take them around the outskirts of town, because it's very pretty."

Visitors can shop locally in a store on Main Street or see a movie at the quaint Country Cinema for less than $5. Black Rock State Park is located close by.

Watertown resident Jim Walters said there are 75-foot-tall pine trees at Black Rock State Park.

"It's so calm and beautiful and peaceful, then the river running on the other side,” Walters said.

People can swim, hike and take in all the views at Black Rock State Park.

"Look at this, it's just gorgeous, you know,” Walters said. “And people really enjoy, it's a small swimming area. But it's nice, it's better than going down to Hammonasset!"

Veteran's Memorial Park is another scenic setting, complete with the 26th of 26 parks dedicated to someone lost in the Sandy Hook shooting.

Another monument in town, the Soldiers' Monument, honors the sacrifices of veterans.

Watertown is also home to the Taft School, which is a private co-ed school for students from around the world, and it's not cheap.

Tuition, room, and board at Taft School will cost a person $59,000 a year. 

"We're not a huge town so a lot of people really know each other,” Watertown native Joe Polletta, who is a recently elected state representative, said. “You walk into a breakfast spot or a store and you're always going to run into somebody you know."

Polletta said it's all about Watertown pride and Watertown pizza. 

"We have pizzerias up and down our main road, all of them are phenomenal,” Polletta said. “We never see a pizza joint closing here in Watertown."

"It's traditionally a little bit thicker than your New Haven style,” Tony Lombardi with Daveluys said. “Your thinner crust and it's something they've been doing for so long in Watertown that people just kind of became accustomed to it."

Daveluys has been serving up pizza for almost 100 years. But the building is even older, it was a tavern in the late 1700's.

So whether it's pizza at Daveluys or a beer down the road at Ordinary Joe's, known for some of the best wings in town.

"Ninety percent of the time you're going to run into somebody you know, which is nice,” Melissa Ramos from Daveluys said.

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