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Budget battle continues ahead of legislative session coming to an end

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One week from Wednesday the legislative session will end, but most agree things won't get done in time.

There are many things hanging in the balance, such as hundreds of millions in concessions union members must still approve.

In the meantime, lots of cuts are on the table, and women and children on HUSKY are worried.

"If I didn’t have health insurance, and was able to go the hospital, it may have been too late. I could have gone into labor and delivered a one pound baby,” said Sally Grossman, who is self-employed.

She has a healthy 4-year-old son, thanks to benefits she gets from HUSKY, health coverage for low-income families. Her private insurance didn’t cover maternity care.

Her coverage, and coverage for more than 9,000 others, is being threatened as the governor, democrats and republicans are proposing an $11 million cut.

"We are urging Governor Malloy and the legislature not to make these cuts to avoid the impact you are seeing here,” said Ann Pratt, of Medicaid Strategy Group.

The state is facing billions in deficits. This year alone, some $400 million. 

On Tuesday, Gov. Dannel Malloy met with legislative leaders to approve a plan to get rid of the deficit - one that would raid funds to avoid closing state parks and cuts to cities and towns.

Malloy and the lawmakers on both sides are looking for at least $700 million in cuts from state employees, such as high co-pays on health insurance and drug coverage.

"For the purposes of having a budget we should assume those numbers, if we don't we will have to make cuts to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars,” Malloy said.

Republican State Senator and Senate President Len Fasano said he thinks there will be a special session.

In the meantime, House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz is issuing a warning to mayors and first selectmen saying they should not expect extra money from the legislature in such a tough budget year.

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