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School budget cuts proposed in Norwich

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Norwich City Hall wants the school district to cut nearly $2 million out of a budget that parents say is already stretched thin.

Without confirmed funds from Hartford, the school superintendent says no matter what's cut, something's going to hurt.

Those cuts could mean fewer teachers and bigger class sizes.

The Norwich City Council wants the school district to cut $2.3 million out of the upcoming $77.7 million proposal.

Parents said they don’t want to see any cuts.

"I have a 6-year-old and a 9-year-old. I don't know if they would be adversely affected by that much money gone,” said Anita Huberty.

School Superintendent Abby Dolliver is tasked with making the complicated budget work, with a monthly 30 percent enrollment that moves to different schools around the city.

"It’s very hard for any municipality to make an educated decision based on not having real numbers,” Dolliver said.

Losing $1.5 million in the proposed school cuts means eliminating out of district clinical behavior programs and replacing with in-district program a savings of $600,000.

A plan is in place to create sister schools that will increase class sizes and eliminate teaching positions -- Mahan School and Uncas School for example.

Mahan School serving grades k-2 and Uncas School becomes a base for grades 3-5, saving another $250,000.

The city council meets Monday to start hammering out a budget which has to be completed by midnight June 12.

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