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Fight breaks out at McDonalds over McChicken

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A fight broke out at a Des Moines McDonald's restaurant after a customer said her McChicken was taking too long.

One witness, Amanda Gravely, was in the drive through and had the thought to record the incident on her cell phone.

"Automatically just because of how irate she was I took out my camera and recorded her. Just to see how far it would go just in case and it just escalated really quickly."

The conflict gets out of control after the restaurant employee hands the customer her sandwich, and she throws the McChicken right back in her face. Then the fight breaks loose and the customer is pulled over the counter by the manager. Two men accompanying the customer even encourage her to pull the manager's hair, and later they hold employees back as the customer pulls the manager's hair and knees her in the chest.

The police were called, but the customer and the two men left the restaurant before they arrived. Police are still looking for the customer in the video.

After the incident Gravely had this to say.

"Life's too short to get that mad over a chicken sandwich."