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Nina and Pinta replica ships dock in Hartford today

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Two replica ships dock in Hartford on Wednesday afternoon. (WFSB) Two replica ships dock in Hartford on Wednesday afternoon. (WFSB)

Two replicas of the ships used by Christopher Columbus to sail to America docked on the Connecticut River in Hartford Wednesday afternoon. 

The Nina and Pinta docked near Riverfront Park around 2 p.m. 

With boats docked, the Nina and Pinta were available for tours each day for a week. The tours will run from Thursday to Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. No appointments are needed for the tours. 

The Columbus Foundation touted the Nina as "most historically accurate replica of a Columbus Ship ever built." Pinta was recently built in Brazil to accompany on the travels of the Nina. 

The Nina is a replica of the ship Columbus sailed across the Atlantic to the new world beginning in 1492.The Pinta replica was built a bit bigger to accommodate more passengers. The Santa Maria did not make the journey because it would be too big to fit down the Connecticut River.

"People are expecting these ships to be a lot bigger than they really are," Captain Stephen Sanger said. "They are expecting 100 to 200 ft. long, but you know these are over 520 years old. So these are big ships for the time."

The "floating museums" visit ports all over the Western Hemisphere. It allows the public and students to come see a bit of history.

"I heard the cannon. We live in the apartment building across the way. Heard the cannon," Louis Bacewicz, of East Hartford, said. "Thought something bad happened, looked out the window and there was the ship coming up the river. So we came across the bridge and we're exploring." 

The ships come to Connecticut after stops in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. After the visit in Hartford, the ships will then head to Newport, RI and Bridgeport before venturing north up the Hudson River.

The price of tickets for adults is $8, $7 for seniors and $6 for children between the ages of five to 16. Children four years old and under are free.   

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