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Plainville homeowners raise concerns about water

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Residents in Plainville were told their water is perfectly safe to drink, despite the recent reports of it smelling and tasting bad.

In January, more than 60 people claimed their water smelled and tasted bad.

After the dozens of complaints, the health department tested the water at dozens of homes.

On Thursday, town leaders and executives from the water company Valley Water revealed the results.

"I was excited but also a little bit frustrated and really looking for more answers," said Julie Lindquist, who added that she cringes every time she turns on her faucet.

The results weren't a surprise to anyone. All of the samples taken were very hard, which can cause the water to taste and smell metallic, make appliances wear out faster, and leave a white residue behind on pots and pans.

Thomas Hansen, an engineer working with Valley Water, says the company understands the problem and will look at options that could soften the water.

“The hardness is there it's very hard how effective are the different treatment techniques or the blending techniques how effective are they at getting the hardness down to a level that causes fewer aesthetic problems,” Hansen said.

Hansen says the company will let consumers know how expensive every alternative would be, which makes Lindquist fear they will just pass the cost on to folks who already hate dealing with the problem coming from their faucets.

“I'm actually already paying for things, I'm doing on my own for treatment and my own personal home so to have to pay more and it just feels frustrating for a basic human need that we all take for granted,” Lindquist said.

She said she recently spent $1,000 on a new water softener but says now her water is too soft and she can't even get the soap off during a shower.

Valley Water also took samples along with the health department. Their findings were nearly identical.?

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