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Screws found on Higganum road are puncturing tires

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Screws are puncturing tires along a busy road in Higganum. (WFSB) Screws are puncturing tires along a busy road in Higganum. (WFSB)

Cars all over one stretch of a busy Higganum road are being damaged by screws found on the road.

There's once again been a spike in reports of punctured tires on Route 154.

Eyewitness News first reported on this last month, and locals said it had been happening since December.

“We've done seven a day, we've done a couple so far today,” said Jeremy Adametz of New Image Auto.

Screws and flatheads that are commonly found in heating, ventilation, and cooling, have punctured dozens of tires on Route 154.

“All with the same screw. Everybody has driven on Route 154 in the last couple of days,” Adametz said, adding that he’s done about 25 cars so far this week.

“On the average, it's about $10 to plug a tire, and put it back on the vehicle for them,” he said.

While the costs may be minuscule, the headaches are huge and it's aggravating, even scaring drivers in town.

“When I'm driving on Route 154, I'm scanning the road to see if there's any screws out there because it's a problem. It's non-discriminatory,” said Taia Cesana, of Higganum.

This has been on the radar of state police for months now and crews have been sweeping the roads, but locals say it's beginning to look like this is deliberate.

“If it was an accidental thing, I could see it happening once, maybe twice, but for it to go on for four, five, six months, someone would know if they were losing that many screws on the road,” Adametz said.

While Adametz says he's only serviced three customers who had to have their tires replaced, the community is banding together.

Cesana at East Coast Auto Salvage has several tires that she's willing to donate a used, but functioning, tire to anyone in need.

“We have this resource and I thought we could help anyone in need,” Cesana said.

Experts say the screws are commonly associated with heating, ventilation and cooling.

Businesses in the area that deal with that have been interviewed, but say they don't use these exact types of screws.

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