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Bear being spotted regularly in Milford neighborhood

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A black bear is getting up close and personal in one Milford neighborhood.

Milford has seen a number of bear sightings this month in different sections in town.

And those who live near the Housatonic River said some bears have been hanging around since Friday.

"He walked all the way around the house, granddaughter's boyfriend filmed him from the window. He was right on this patio here, came over here, attacked her garbage and had a field day, a big picnic,” said Joe Paight of Milford.

He said he has lived in the Sachem Street and Riverside Drive neighborhood for 30 years, and the wooded stretch along the Housatonic River attracts a lot of wildlife.

"Foxes, owls, eagles, turkeys, first time for a bear though,” Paight said.

He said the bear was spotted for the first time on Friday, back on Saturday and was out again Monday morning.

“He ran over, knocked the garbage pail over, opened the lid, pulled the bag out, pulled it into the middle of the road, and just started eating it. Later on came back, grabbed the bag and went back in the woods with it,” Paight said.

With garbage pickup now finished for another week, Paight said he hopes the bear takes off, knowing there is no more food around.

According to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the number of bear sightings have increased over the years.

In fact, in Milford there have been a number this month in different parts of town, prompting the police to give residents a heads up. 

According to the state, in most cases, if left alone, the bear will go back to its natural habitat.

That's exactly what Paight and his neighbors are hoping for.

"They're around everywhere, but I just want him out of my neighborhood. I've got a garden in the back, I haven't been able to go back and water it, because I’m afraid these things are coming,” Paight said.

If you spot a bear in your neighborhood, experts say to observe it from a distance but also make noise, shout, wave your hands, and walk away slowly. You can also contact DEEP’s wildlife division.

Never try to feed a bear, and its recommended that you bring in your bird feeders and not to put out your garbage until the morning it gets picked up.

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