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Woman's car towed after issue with DMV

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A Connecticut woman was towed all because of a glitch on the Department of Motor Vehicles website. After going through the experience twice, Peggy Levesque said she asked Eyewitness News to investigate the incident.

DMV officials said this was a very unique situation and never affected her official standing with the state. The DMV said they’re owning up to this mistake and they’re hoping it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Levesque is no different from the majority of drivers in our state.

“I checked for emissions, I’m not due until next year,” Levesque said. “I knew the registration and taxes were good because I have proof that it’s all up to date, the car payment is all up to date, the car insurance, everything is all up to date.”

Even though she has proof her Chevy Equinox is road ready, she has been towed from her Bristol apartment complex twice.

“I was flipping because I thought somebody stole it,” Levesque said.

Levesque said her complex has a partnership with D&L Auto Body in Berlin. They go around looking for cars that may not be current with taxes and registrations and may use information provided on the DMV website. In the section where the public can look up their registrations, Levesque’s came up “canceled or void.” 

Levesque said she went to the DMV to sort it out and was promised it wouldn’t happen again and it didn’t for six months. Two weeks ago, she was towed again. Levesque said the website showed her vehicle was unregistered, so she called Eyewitness News.

“I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m on pins and needles,” Levesque said. “Every time I get up, I’m looking out to see if my car is still there.”

Eyewitness News had the DMV look into it and they say when Levesque switched the same marker plate twice within a 24-hour period, the state’s website had an issue reading that request.

The DMV said Levesque’s registration was always active in the internal systems at the DMV and law enforcement. They said that’s why she was never pulled over. The glitch only could be found on the public lookup website, the same one that may have been used by the towing company.

In a statement to Eyewitness News, the DMV said. “that technical issue has been resolved and that system corrected.”

Eyewitness News checked it out for ourselves and Levesque is now up to date on all platforms. But even with the proof, Levesque said she’s wary.

“You told me the first time, it wouldn’t happen again,” Levesque said. “But it did happen a second time, so how am I going to trust you?

The DMV assured Eyewitness News that should not happen. Levesque was reimbursed by the state for the hundreds of dollars in towing fees. However, Levesque said the time wasted to get it corrected is something she can’t get back.

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