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Good samaritan returns lost $100 bill

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A good samaritan returned a $100 bill that she found on the ground at a AAA office in West Hartford (WFSB) A good samaritan returned a $100 bill that she found on the ground at a AAA office in West Hartford (WFSB)

A woman from West Hartford made a startling and potentially very valuable discovery, but she refused to benefit from someone else's misfortune.

Sigita Banevicius spotted a $100 bill as she was walking out of the AAA office in West Hartford last week. 

"I tend to walk with my nose down and I picked it up and then wow!' It's 100 bucks!" said Banevicius.

AT the same time, another woman was in a panic. "I got to the grocery store to pick up a couple of items. I'm like oh jeez.' I paid for my items, and I'm like where is that $100?" questioned Alicia Starkie of West Hartford.

That money was in Banevicius's hands but not for long. She said she knew that she could not keep the cash and had to find its rightful owner.

"I think that's always been my view. To think of the other person first and what's going through her head."

Banevicius walked through the store asking customers and employees if they had lost the money. She left it at the the front desk in case someone came in later to claim it.

"I just thought it was the right thing to do. I didn't even think about keeping it."

After re-tracing her steps, Starkie arrived back at the AAA office where she had gotten a passport earlier in the day. She felt pretty sure the money was gone but decided to try the front desk.

"I asked if anyone turned in $100, and she said yeah. I'm like oh my gosh. Who does that?" wondered Starkie.

She tracked down the good samaritan and sent Banevicius flowers.

With a yearly membership and an emergency supply kit, Banevicius said she does not feel like she deserves credit for simply doing the right thing.

"It was so nice that somebody appreciated it because many people do not even appreciate it. I think Alicia deserves some kudos here."

Starkie just feels like her new friends should be celebrated and that her faith in humanity has been restored.

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