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Shoreline homeowner says he was attacked by beachgoers

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Two arrests are the result of this fight (Old Lyme Police) Two arrests are the result of this fight (Old Lyme Police)

Update: Glen Smith's mother contacted WFSB and stated that Mr. Smith only had a verbal altercation, and not a physical one, with the homeowner.  

Chaos at a popular shoreline beach ended with a homeowner getting sent to the emergency room.

Homeowners near Soundview in Old Lyme said they're used to the noise and the drunks, but recently it ended in violence.

Living feet away from Soundview Beach, Robert Tulisano is all too familiar with the pros and cons of living on the water. But recently, he says the cons are outweighing the positives.

“The music, the obscenity music, the whole thing is awful, it really is,” Tulisano said.

Two Sundays ago, he said it erupted into violence when his wife caught someone urinating in their yard.

“Exposes himself to my wife, my wife starts yelling at him and chases him out of the yard,” Tulisano said.

He says the person relieving himself was just one in a group of three. Tulisano confronted all of them at the front of the home.

“Some kid said 'go home and see your mother.' so I went to go see him and that's when I got hit in the head,” Tulisano said.

A brawl ensued.

“My tenant came out to help. He had one guy over here and another kid came over and smashed him in the head and broke his eye-socket,” Tulisano said. “I ended up in the middle of the street with the kid. They tackled me down and everything.”

State police confirm it ended with two teens being arrested, while Tulisano and a neighbor went to the hospital. Now, weeks later and days before the Fourth of July holiday, he's calling for reinforcements.

“No police, nobody here to enforce the laws or the rules, it's total anarchy in my opinion,” Tulisano said.

Right now things are in the works to make the experience safer. Beachgoers say rangers are now searching coolers, making sure none are too big and ensuring alcohol doesn't get on the beach.

“People get too rowdy at the beach, so I think this will keep things low key and we'll have a nice chill beach day,” said Ryan Jenkins, of Berlin.

Tulisano says that's a temporary solution, because when the sun goes down and the music from the beachfront bars stop, there's no buffer between the homeowners and the patrons.

“Since they reduced the police force it's gotten worse and worse,” Tulisano said.

The first selectwoman says patrols this weekend will be at their highest and with new hires coming, she's hoping to get the department up to the full staff of six officers at some point this summer.

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