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Gas prices drop in time for holiday travel

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Drivers on this Independence Day can enjoy the freedom to drive a little farther for less money. 

Gas prices are way down and are on a downward trend. 

According to Gas Buddy, the cheapest gas in Hartford is at the 7-Eleven on Park Street, but people can find good deals all over the country right now. 

Andres De Leon loves his ride, but he says it's a gas guzzler. 

"It's a 15 Mustang stick shift, six cylinder," De Leon said. "I'm only getting like sixteen to the gallon." 

De Leon is especially excited that gas prices this Fourth of July are incredibly low across the country. 

The prices are cheaper this independence Day than any year since 2005/ 

"It's actually a lot better especially in the summer, I like to drive to Boston and New York and the city, so it's definitely a big advantage to have low prices," De Leon said. 

The average price of a gallon of regular in Connecticut is $2.43, but people can find even better deals like the $2.22 a gallon at the 7-Eleven on Park Street in Hartford. 

Prices have dropped 9 cents nationally since last month and the best part is AAA said prices should continue to drop throughout the summer. 

AAA expects 2 million people in New England to travel for the holiday thanks in part to cheap gas. 

"When I go to New York, I'll probably save 20 or 20 bucks, you know," said Charles Moise. 

Even the people who deliver gas said they've noticed the change. Tim Lafond, who drives for Island Transportation in North Haven said gas station owners smile a little wider when they see him because their sales are up.

"They're always happy to see me, stations can't keep it full enough," Lafond said. 

Experts said prices have dropped because here in the Northeast especially, the fuel supply has gone up. If you would like to find the cheapest gas in your area, you can go here