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Artists turn Meriden alleys into art

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An artist in Meriden is making the city more beautiful, one mural at a time (WFSB) An artist in Meriden is making the city more beautiful, one mural at a time (WFSB)

A passion project is turning alleys into art pieces.

Murals are popping up in downtown Meriden, and the man behind the project says he wants to spread art to blank canvases, that are all over the city.

If it wasn't for Eddie Rivera’s vision, there would just be blank alleys around the cities, like one behind West Main Street.

While driving through other cities, Rivera, a barber by trade, has always seen murals on big brick walls and wondered, why not Meriden.

So he spoke to the owner of the building that houses the barbershop he works at, asking to paint the area.

“I kept bothering him and bothering him and he said, ‘you know what, I’ll let you do this over here, and if we like we'll go on to the next thing’,” Rivera said.

It turned out to be a hit.

“People are shooting music videos, taking pictures in front of it. People are smiling, happy, driving by here it's becoming an attraction,” Rivera said.

Using their own money, Rivera and other artists have added on, contributing these expressions to the block.

“Everyone loves art so I feel it brings the community together, it brings people together. It makes people happy, it inspires people,” Rivera said.

Meriden has seen major transformation in the last year.

The green recognized nationally by "The Architect's Newspaper" as one of America’s best new public spaces.

Rivera would like that to be his next project as he continues on his goal of bringing life back to his hometown. 

“Hopefully the city will let us touch more walls and more owners let us do more things,” Rivera said.

Eyewitness News reached out to the city, who said they enjoy the colors being splashed through the city but are still considering if they'd like to offer up some of its walls.

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