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Lawsuit alleges Nathan Carman killed grandfather, possibly mother

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Nathan Carman during a previous probate court appearance. (WFSB file) Nathan Carman during a previous probate court appearance. (WFSB file)

It has been one year since Linda Carman vanished at sea while fishing with her son Nathan.

On Monday, Linda’s three sisters filed a lawsuit accusing 23-year-old Nathan Carman of killing his grandfather and possibly his mother.

The lawsuit states that the daughters of John Chakalos, who is Nathan Carman’s grandfather, “wish to pursue a ‘slayer’ action against the person they believe intentionally killed their father.”

Police said 87-year-old John Chakalos was shot and killed inside his home in 2013 in Windsor. Nathan Carman was named a suspect in this case but was never charged.

Linda Carman went missing in September and has since been presumed dead. The boat she and her son were on sank while they were on a fishing trip together.

Nathan was rescued by a firefighter after more than a week at sea.

The lawsuit says the sisters “ask the court to declare that the murderer was Nathan Carman, John’s grandson, their nephew, and that Nathan committed this heinous act out of malice and greed.”

The lawsuit also said Nathan Carman stands to inherit millions of dollars from his mother and grandfather’s estates.

The action Linda's sisters are asking for would bar Nathan Carman from receiving any of Chakalos' $40 million estate.

Nathan Carman, who lives in Vermont, does not face any criminal charges and has denied killing his mother and grandfather.

A statement was released by the sisters' attorney, which says "In 2013, four sisters suffered an unthinkable tragedy when their father John Chakalos was murdered in his own home. Less than three years later one of those sisters, Linda Carman, disappeared at sea under highly suspicious circumstances.  The last person to see both of these family members alive was Nathan Carman, John's grandson and Linda's son. The details and evidence in the death of John and the disappearance of Linda all point to Nathan as the prime suspect. Yet he now stands to inherit millions of dollars from their estates. The surviving sisters cannot stand idle while their father's killer, and perhaps their sister's killer also, profits from his actions. Since the law has a provision to stop this unjust inheritance, they have filed a so-called ‘slayer action’ in New Hampshire State Court to block Nathan from collecting money from his murdered grandfather's estate. This is not about money, it is about justice. If the Chakalos sisters win this lawsuit and any money that would have gone to Nathan instead goes to the surviving sisters individually, they pledge to use those funds exclusively to pay for expenses incurred relating to the investigation into the death of their father and disappearance of their sister, and any remaining funds will go to charity. The Chakalos sisters did not undertake this action lightly. This entire ordeal has been extraordinarily painful to the family and the public attention has made it even more difficult. However, they also know this is the right thing to do, and it is what their father and their sister would have wished.”

To read the full lawsuit, click here.

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