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CT mother of four set to be deported

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Nury Chavarria came to the U.S. at 19 years old. (WFSB) Nury Chavarria came to the U.S. at 19 years old. (WFSB)

A mother of four set to be deported has learned it will happen on Thursday.

She came to the United States from Guatemala 24 year ago and started a family.

But with President Donald Trump's promise to crack down on undocumented immigrants, earlier this summer she was told she'd have to go.

On Wednesday, her waiver was denied.

Nury Chavarria came to the U.S. at 19 years old and applied for asylum and was denied.

Instead of leaving America, she stayed and raised a family while working. She settled in Norwalk where she raised four children while working as a housekeeper.

For the past few years, Chavarria has had yearly check-ins with immigration officials, and there has never been an issue.

That was until late June when she was told she had less than a month to buy a one-way ticket to Guatemala.

New Haven Attorney Glenn Formica and local advocates started working on her case, but with a stay already denied once by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, they were hoping for a last-minute miracle. She'll have to leave on Thursday.

Connecticut’s two United States senators wrote letters on her behalf.

Her supporters say she has no criminal record and that she's needed here to take care of her oldest son who has cerebral palsy, along with her daughter who just turned 9.

"Seven days before my birthday, this is not what I was expecting, I thought we were going to go home, going to be a regular day, it was going to be fine, but it wasn't fine,” said Nury’s daughter Hayley Chavarria.

"I like this country, I came here in 1993 and I started working. I like it, I have four kids, I pay taxes. I'm hard working, and I like it,” Nury Chavarria said.

She added that her concern is leaving her children behind who need her help.

ICE did not return a request for comment.

In a statement, New Haven Alderman Darryl Brackeen Jr. said "It is a sad day in America when our country separates parents from their children and families, especially in this case. As a city, we stand in solidarity with the family. We are a welcoming city and state, especially to those that are productive members in our community. I implore the United States Congress and immigration officials to take the necessary steps to ensure this case is resolved."

Nury said if she is forced to leave, she can go back to live with her mother in Guatemala, but she's trying not to think about what will happen to her four children.

U.S Senator Richard Blumenthal issued a statement on Wednesday that said “My heart breaks for Nury and her four U.S. citizen children—a family that will be torn apart due to a cold and callous decision by the Trump administration to remove all reason and rationality from its immigration enforcement priorities. I spoke directly to ICE leadership today presenting clear and compelling facts in this case and seeking a reasonable request for reconsideration, yet the Trump administration turned a blind eye. Unfortunately, this tragedy is merely the tip of the iceberg. Every day my office is contacted by new families from across Connecticut—individuals who have committed no crime, parents of citizen children, hard-working neighbors who have reported dutifully to ICE year after year who are now being told to deport immediately under Trump’s new policies. America is better than this, and history will not judge these actions kindly. I commend the advocates and the Chavarria family for their bravery and tenacity in the face of injustice. We have lost this fight, but we must sustain our outrage and advocacy until reason is restored. And ultimately, we must achieve comprehensive immigration reform to provide lasting change to our broken immigration system."

Senator Chris Murphy also released a statement that said "I'm heartbroken for the Chavarria family. Nury is a hard-worker and the sole caretaker of her four U.S. citizen children. She’s not who we should be focusing our limited law enforcement time and effort on deporting. Trump's backwards immigration policies make us less safe. We're better than this.”

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