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Parents raise concerns about trash, glass at city parks

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Kids have been out cooling off at their local parks, but it has been difficult to maintain the parks in Hartford, making it dangerous for children.

On Thursday, there was only one thing on the minds of children at Keney Park… keeping cool on a hot summer day.

But it surrounds a new splash pad that has some parents concerned as broken glass and trash surrounded them.

"Well that's a no-no, that's not safe I’ve got my little daughter here she's got bare feet right now and that's not safe,” said Ervin Ellis, of Hartford.

Department of Public Works crews were sent out to Keney Park after Channel 3 called the mayor’s office about the litter around the brand-new splash pad that was opened this summer.

“Regardless of the resources that we don’t have, we still put our heart into this, I really don't have an answer for you, we just go at it every day, it's never ending,” said Jason Sutherland, of Hartford’s Department of Public Works.

The mayor's office said since the pools and playgrounds have been opened for the summer, the city has been cleaning those areas on a daily basis.

They went on to say "unfortunately, at night, trash and improperly discarded material tend to build up.”

"It takes no time matter of a few hours if that. You can pick it and you come right back the next day. We did the splash pad three times in one day,” said Eddie Fryer, of Hartford’s Department of Public Works.

Crew members said the budget cuts have made them understaffed, and there are only 16 of them to take care of over 2,000 acres across the city.

However, the mayor’s office said they have enough people.

"This is our community. We work in this community and we actually live in this community. So cleaning up is not the problem it's just we want the community to help us with some of this work,” Sutherland said.

Dirt bikes and ATVs rip up grass almost every day. Channel 3 even caught one on camera.

Parents say they just want a safe clean space for their children to keep cool.

“I come here all the time and there’s a lot of garbage. There's glass on the ground they need to fix that,” Nydia Colon, of Hartford, said.

The mayor’s office says if you do see trash or hazardous materials you can call 311 and someone will pick it up.

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