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Interested in owning property on the moon?

Well, the 2017 eclipse is less than a month away, which means the nation will be in for one of the most spectacular sights nature can show us. But instead of just watching the moon pass in front of the sun, what if you could tell your friends and family that you OWN a piece of it?

That’s what Dennis Hope did when he created "The Lunar Embassy" and that’s what he’s been doing for the past few decades.

Since 1995, Hope has made owning and selling property on the moon his main source of income. And before you say it’s a scam, it isn’t. Although, it’s definitely weird.

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Lunar Embassy: Buy Moon Property Here.

According to Hope, he filed a claim of ownership for the moon, the other planets and their moons to the United Nations and awaited their response. They never got back to him, which in his mind, wasn’t a “no,” so he started subdividing and selling extraterrestrial properties.

Space Law: Who Legally Owns Space?

And the legal loophole is that “space is free for all NATIONS to explore, and sovereign claims cannot be made,” according to the United Nation’s “Outer Space Treaty,” but it does nothing to claim that INDIVIDUALS cannot claim ownership.

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Now, on a serious note, most legal experts and U.N representatives have said Hope has just been selling pieces of paper, but who knows? Maybe someday your purchased property might have a legal leg to stand on.

Want more Dennis Hope? Check out his moon website here.

And if you want to check out just how much an acre of land on the moon costs, it's $24.99/acre. You can also buy property on Mars, Venus, and Mercury.

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