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7.24.17 Filetto all’Aceto Balsamico

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Filetto all’Aceto Balsamico

Filet Mignon with Balsamic Reduction

From Chef Francesco D'Amuri at L’Orcio Restaurant in New Haven

Ingredients for one portion:

8 oz Filet Mignon sliced in two pieces

2 stems of Rosemary

2 Whole Garlic Cloves

4 Teaspoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

¼ Stick of Butter

1 Bunch of Wild Arugula

¼ Cup Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

½ Cup Water

Sea Salt to Taste

Crushed Black Pepper to Taste


-Season meat with salt and pepper to taste and set aside for later use.

-Clean the Arugula and set aside for later use.

-In a sauté pan heat 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil on a medium flame.

-Add the whole rosemary stems and the cloves of garlic to the oil and let them get golden                brown.

-Remove the rosemary and set aside for later use.

-Place the two pieces of meat in the pan to sear them.  Approximately 3 minutes on each side for Medium Rare.

- When the meat is just about cooked to the desired temperature add the Balsamic Vinegar being sure to leave just enough aside to toss the salad.

- Turn the pieces of meat from side to side allowing the Balsamic to coat them.

-Quickly add ¼ stick of butter and a small ladle of water and continue to turn the Filet back and forth letting the mixture coat it.

-When the desired temperature is obtained remove the meat and put it on the plate placing one piece on an angle on top of the other.

-Slightly increase the flame to reduce the sauce.

-While the sauce is reducing dress the Arugula salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Sea Salt and Black Pepper to taste.

-Place the salad on the plate with the meat.

-Once the sauce has reached a thick, creamy consistency pour it over the meat.

-Garnish with the rosemary stems you set aside earlier and Enjoy!