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Vigil held for Hartford hit-and-run victims

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An anti-violence vigil was held on Wednesday evening in Hartford (WFSB) An anti-violence vigil was held on Wednesday evening in Hartford (WFSB)

Two Hartford residents just waiting for the bus, were hit by a stolen SUV last week sending them to the hospital.

One of them was a 56-year-old woman who lost both her legs and is still in critical condition.

On Wednesday, a vigil was held where the crash happened.

Jesse Vazquez has been going to St. Francis Hospital to be with her mother, Rosella Shuler. She's on a breathing tube and both her legs are gone after she was hit by the stolen SUV.

"I wish I could take her place because she can't even sit, she can't even walk,” Vazquez said.

Vazquez said she is alarmed at the lack of compassion that people standing by that day showed.

“For me to see my mom like basically on Facebook live, kids laughing at her, kids leaving her there for 20 minutes, not even saying ‘oh ma’am, can I help you?’, not even picking her up or trying to help save her legs. Like that's messed up, like that broke my heart,” Vazquez said.

Rev. Henry Brown, an outspoken community leader, held the vigil at the corner of Ashley and Sigourney streets to call attention to the violence in the city and raise money to help with Shuler’s medical bills.

"I want you to know that my father was a victim of a hit and run,” said State Rep. Angel Arce, who spoke with Vazquez about losing his father to a hit and run on Park Street in 2008.

Arce told Vazquez that justice will come.

"The first thing I did when I got elected was change the law, what I’m telling you today is we changed that law because there was a statute of limitations, so no matter how long he hides there is no more statute of limitations,” Arce said.

Vazquez says no matter the outcome it will be hard on her mother, a longtime cook and family woman.

"She always wanted to go somewhere, she always wanted to do something with my kids, she always wanted to do something with the family, she was very family oriented,” Vazquez said.

The other victim is struggling but says he will be there for Vazquez's family.

 The suspects, believed to be multiple teens, fled the scene on foot and police are still looking for them.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police.

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