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Liberty Bank Surprise Squad

Single mother struggling to pay bills gets a little help

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This week, the Liberty Bank Surprise Squad stopped by a single mother's home with something many people may take for granted.

Several months back, Cindy's sister Nancy wrote to the squad.

"I spent some time writing a letter and thought to myself, 'well, give it a try and see what happens!'" Nancy said.

Cindy is the mother of 7-year-old Ari.

Nancy said Cindy only works part time and has been struggling not only to pay bills but figure out where Ari's next meal will come from.

The squad coordinated a time to meet with Nancy at her sister and niece's home in Bristol.

"I think she will be extremely surprised and very, very grateful," Nancy said.

Nancy helped get Cindy to the door where she was totally shocked to see the Liberty Bank Surprise Squad.

The squad told her about the nomination and who was responsible.

It told Cindy to put on some shoes and come to the driveway to get her surprise.

In the squad's van was several bags full of groceries.

They were items that would fill her empty cupboard and provide meals that she's been struggling to create.

"I mean when your child sits there at night and you're getting them ready for bed and her tummy rumbles and she says 'I'm hungry' and she goes to bed that way, it's not a good feeling," Cindy said.

Cindy told the squad that she's been trying to get more hours at her job.

"But the babysitting issue is factor because to work more hours, I pay more babysitting and I can't afford it so it's like I'm trying to do something to supplement it by making jewelry," she said. "But you know, if you start a business you have to have money to do that too."

The squad had one more surprise.

It was another $400 to use for whatever she wanted.

Tears and smiles flowed.

Nancy said she likes to take care of her little sister.

"I can't help it," she said. "My sister and my niece. We're all one big happy family."

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