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Gas mix-up causes damages for some drivers

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Some drivers ended up with diesel in their cars when they thought they were pumping unleaded (WFSB) Some drivers ended up with diesel in their cars when they thought they were pumping unleaded (WFSB)

When you take a trip to the gas station to fill up your gas tank, you expect to get the gas marked on the label.

That wasn’t the case for eight drivers who pumped regular unleaded at a Plainville gas station. They actually ended up with diesel into their cars.

This reportedly happened at another gas station in town last year and affected 10 drivers.

This time, the gas company, Lee Transport, said a delivery worker ended up putting the wrong gas in the wrong pump at the Valero on East Main Street in Plainville.

Teagan Maties-Budris said she’s out of a car until it gets fixed.

“I'm pumping regular gas and getting diesel and my engine is about to blow,” Maties-Budris said.

She said it happened when she went to fill up her gas tank in her Honda Accord at the Valero on Monday afternoon.

The car takes 87 regular unleaded, and she said she noticed quickly that something wasn’t right.

“I started my car and drove it out of Valero and didn't even hit the light, the car was puttering, white smoke was coming out the back and didn't want to go anywhere so I just turned around and parked it and shut the engine off,” Maties-Budris said.

On Tuesday, Eyewitness News cameras caught a service man at the gas station, who was vacuuming out two tanks that were affected.

The Valero’s owner said he shut down for 24 hours.

Maties-Budris said she had to get a tow to Anthony’s Service Center down the road, saying it will cost about $400 to fix.

“It screws up the fuel injectors, fuel rails, fuel pumps, sparks plug, it could raise havoc with the engine,” said service manager Ken Beauchene.

A spokesperson at Lee Transport said the delivery driver was fired on Monday. While it’s human error, the company said it is an “embarrassing situation but we are making it right.”

They're picking up the tab for the affected customers. The company said there are seven claims, and one has already been paid for.

Mechanics said this isn't an uncommon situation, but next time you're at the pump, pay close attention when putting the nozzle in the gas tank.

“Try to see if you can smell, if it smells like diesel or gasoline that's pretty much the only thing you can do,” Beauchene said.

This is the second time this has happened to the Plainville Valero in five years.

Lee Transport said in 2012 there was a mix up at the loading terminal so there was no way for the delivery driver to know.

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