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CT police warn drivers to not text and drive

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Police all over Connecticut are warning drivers if you are texting and driving, then you will face fines.

From Aug. 2 to Aug. 16, police departments in Connecticut are partnering with the Connecticut Department of Transportation for the National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The campaign is being called “U Drive, U Text, U Pay.”

"Primarily we are looking for cell phone violations, people who are using their electronic devices, distracted driving," Manchester Police Sgt. Stephen Bresciano said. 

The campaign is “a high visibility effort to enforce distracted driving laws.” Police are urging drivers “to put down the phone when getting behind the wheel. If it’s necessary to text, park your vehicle in a safe location.”

Police said they ran this campaign back in April, they handed out 1,200 tickets.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that distracted drivers led to 3,477 deaths and an estimated 391,000 injured in motor vehicle crashes in 2015. 

“Over half our crashes here in Manchester are rear end collisions and I got to believe a large part of those are because the driver was distracted in some form," Bresciano said. 

The first ticket is $150, the second is $300 and every ticket after that $500. 

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