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Neighbor accused of shooting dog with BB gun

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A family says their dog was shot by a BB gun three times (WFSB) A family says their dog was shot by a BB gun three times (WFSB)

An East Hampton family says a neighbor dealt with their barking dog by shooting him repeatedly with a BB gun.  

Police have made an arrest and fortunately, the animal is okay, but the dog's owners believe their beloved pet deserves justice.

The Hanna family said they have been asking themselves the same question over and over… “Who would intentionally shoot a dog with a BB gun?”

“We rescued him last year. He was found in Hartford originally wandering around with his tail broken off,” said Brian Hanna.

He and his wife Ashley said Hershey, a lab-pit mix, has brought a lot of joy to their family, and they’ve given Hershey a good life too.

A few weeks ago, they noticed something strange. They noticed a scab on Hershey’s shoulder and then saw a BB in the skin.

Brian Hannah said since then, someone shot Hershey with a BB gun at least three more times, but without evidence, there wasn’t much police could do.

On the morning of June 19, the shooter was caught.

Ashley Hannah was inside cleaning when she heard her dogs going crazy. When she came out on her porch she couldn't believe her eyes.

“I looked out and I just watched him walk down the property line with his gun and aim it at my dog. That's when I yelled because I got scared,” Ashley Hannah said.

She said the man ran away but she told police the person who pointed his BB gun at Hershey was her neighbor Chris Grant.

According to court documents, Grant admitted to pointing the gun at Hannah’s property.

Grant reportedly told police he was trying to shoot squirrels so the dogs who Grant describes as aggressive would stop barking. But the Hanna's say their neighbor never complained to them.

Grant, 41, denies ever shooting Hershey but a BB removed from the dog's chest is similar to BBs investigators found in Grant's gun, so police arrested and charged Grant with criminal mischief and cruelty to animals.

The Hanna’s say Hershey seems to be okay even though at least two BBs are still lodged in his chest.  

They don't plan to talk with their neighbor because, after everything that's happened, they don't have much to say.

Fortunately, Hershey is doing well even though he still has at least two BBs lodged in his chest.  

A veterinarian told police the BBs could eventually cause health issues so the family will continue to monitor the dog.

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