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CT leaders propose meal sales tax

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CT restaurants weigh in on a proposed meal sales tax (WFSB) CT restaurants weigh in on a proposed meal sales tax (WFSB)

Connecticut is still without a state budget.

The Democrats have come up with a proposal, and one of those items includes a one-percent sales tax when you go out to eat.

If your restaurant bill is $100, another $1 will be added to your check.

Some restaurant partners think people won't even notice that, and some people who eat out said they don’t mind the idea.

“If it does go through I’ll support it, really," said Tia Peynado.

“I understand that in a democracy citizens need to pay taxes to make the wheels turn of a society, so I think it's a good thing," said Sally Shafto.

The proposal would add a 1 percent tax at restaurants, fast food joints, and other small eateries. It would be up to towns and cities to decide whether they want to support it.

Salute Restaurant's managing partner James Cosgrove says he doesn't have a problem with it if it were to get the green light.

“I think in a year's time you won't even notice it. If people, the average guy won't be affected by it. The person who would be affected most might be the average guy who buys a sandwich to go, he might notice it,” Cosgrove said.

He added that those who come into Hartford, or into other cities to eat, are looking to support towns big or small.

“We do a lot of corporate business so I don't think they're going to blink, but we do so much business with the theater, with the XL Center, with the Yard Goats, that the average guy who comes downtown has some connection with Hartford and wants to see it thrive. They'll have no problem with it,” Cosgrove said.

Those who are against the idea said this was just another tax consumers will pay out of their hardworking pockets.

Massachusetts has a meal tax and Boston implements it. It's 0.75 percent.

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