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Big E gives food preview

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For all of you foodies out there, fair season is upon us.

And one of the biggest fairs around, the Big E, is known to have a slew of delectable dishes and concoctions to try.

Channel Three’s David McKay got a sneak peak and taste test of what’s to come at this year’s Big E.

It’s a media feeding frenzy. I didn’t even pack my lunch today and thank goodness.

I’m joined by our foodie expert and digital content producer Joe Wenzel today and he’s already digging in.

We’re going to give you a look at all the great foods that are special this year.

Big E 101…Fair Food.

Food is king at the Eastern States Exposition fairgrounds, and over a million people come every year to get a taste of New England.

“Food has taken on a whole life of its own. It’s almost like an entertainer now. So you’ll see some really gourmet offerings at the fair again this year,” Gene Cassidy, of Eastern State’s Exposition, said.

The 101st fair at the Eastern State’s Exposition fairgrounds in West Springfield runs from Friday, September 15 through Sunday, October 2.

But before it begins, a V.I.P. media test was held at the Storrowton Tavern Smack in the middle of the fairgrounds to get a preview of the special concoctions being offered this year.

It just so happens that our web guy Joe Wenzel and myself were considered V.I.P.

“Has Joe got room for that? Yeah let’s see if Joe can handle that one. Wrap your lips around that bad boy right there. It’s a rough assignment,” Mike Cordoff, of the Log Cabin Delaney House said.

Rough indeed, but we push on to the tot table.

“Whipped cream, we have buffalo tots, we have shepards pie tots, we have pizza tots, reuben tots, chili and cheese, we have polled pork, yes,” Patt Patterson, of Tots-A-Lot, said.

There’s one tot dish on the menu that catches the eye.

“These are loaded and they have cheese, bacon bits, chives and sour cream, and they tend to be a favorite of most customers,” Heidi Heiner, of Tots-A-Lot said.

If tots don’t tickle your fancy, then maybe this will.

“This is called the Flatliner. It’s a double chili cheeseburger with French fries on top, melted cheese on top of that, then two strips of bacon and then a roll,” said a member of the West Springfield Lions Club.

Don’t worry, we’ll make it.

Storrowton Tavern offers some soothing soup to calm the nerves.

“We’ll have a soup shack out on the Avenue of States. Every day the soup shack will have five different soups and one of the soups that will be on every single day is cheeseburger chowder, which is everyone’s favorite,” Vincent Calvanese, of Storrowton Tavern, said.

Then there’s dessert.

The candy apples offer some soul food solace covered with some unexpected candies.

And to wash it down a trappist quadruple beer crafted by monks, yes monks. They’ve been doing it for the last couple years to help fund their monastery in Spencer, Massachusetts.

“It’s tradition in our type of monasticism where monks brew beer, we are the first Trappist monastery outside of Europe,” Friar Isaac Kelley, of St. Joseph’s Abbey Spencer Brewery, said.

We worked really hard, I’m tired, I’m sweaty, I’ve eaten a lot of food, but we are going to finish this out strong. Bon appetite.

The fair starts on September 15.

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