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Hamden dogs saved from euthanasia, for now

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Kato and Kleo. (WFSB file) Kato and Kleo. (WFSB file)

A Hamden dog owner fighting for nearly five years to get her dogs off death row may have lost her battle.

The dogs, Kato and Kleo, have been locked up after an alleged dog bite, and this week, the judge threw out the dog's owner's name from a federal case, which puts the dog's lives in jeopardy.

Channel Three's Courtney Zieller has been following the story since the beginning and shows us what the next step is.

Dog owner Kim Miller has fought tooth and nail and keep her dogs Kato and Kleo alive.

The rottweilers have been kept in kennels after the town of Hamden's animal control officer issued a kill order in 2012, when the dogs were involved in a dog bite incident.

Miller has gone through every court to file appeal after appeal.

But earlier this week a judge ruled Miller's name be removed from a federal lawsuit which is trying to change how kill orders are issued.

"I was floored. I was disappointed. My attorney was surprised and disappointed," Miller said.

Because of that, Kato and Kleo could be put down, and soon.

"We just want some fairness here. I mean, are we really going to go through this much to kill two dogs. I mean, where is the godliness in all of this and thou shall not kill? Come on," Miller said.

Earlier today the dogs were in danger of being euthanized. We've learned the attorneys on both sides are in talks so Kato and Kleo won't be put down today or this weekend. But the dog's owners thinks it's still a long road ahead.

It's still not known which dog bit a woman, but Miller said her dogs were being beaten with bats and they reacted.

Miller said since the dogs have been locked up, their health has suffered. One now has cancer.

Behavior wise, she said the dogs don't have problems.

"Strangers have gone in there and visited them and we've never had an issue with them," Miller said.

I even paid a visit last September to see them for myself, you can judge how our visit went.

Right now, Miller's attorney and Hamden's town attorney are in talks to come up with a solution.

The dog's lives are still in jeopardy.

"I don't understand why something can't be worked out between all parties and the dogs aren't dangerous," Miller said.

Attorney Thom Page is working to change how kill orders are issued. Right now, he believes the law is unconstitutional. If your dog was involved in a dog bite incident and there was a kill order issued, Attorney Thom Page wants to hear from you. 

You can call his office at 860-895-6644. 

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