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Foundation caring for abandoned pit bull for free

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Fatty is now being cared for by the Simon Founation. (WFSB) Fatty is now being cared for by the Simon Founation. (WFSB)
This note was left with Fatty in Harwinton. (WFSB) This note was left with Fatty in Harwinton. (WFSB)

After falling on hard times and searching desperately for someone to help, a dog owner said she felt that she had no other choice.

Channel 3 spoke with the town's animal control officer and the dog's owner, who's hoping to reunite in the future.

"I couldn't imagine how somebody in that situation may feel,” Harwinton Animal Control Officer Thomas Mitchell said.

A three-year-old pit bull named Fatty was found in a cage outside of the Litchfield Hills Veterinary Hospital in Harwinton on Monday.  

"With bedding, food, water and a note. That described him and his owner's plight,” Mitchell said. "They were homeless, jobless, she had been trying for months to find a place to help her with the dog."

Mitchell told Eyewitness News that the Fatty’s owner is heartbroken.   

"Dropped him off, made sure he was in the shade, and prepared -- and as she was driving up the road, she called the vets office and the adjoining towns animal control officer to let them know he was there,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said he was able to connect with Fatty's mother after she messaged him on Facebook.

Fatty was now at Harwinton Animal Control and the Simon Foundation, which is an animal rescue and adoption center in Bloomfield. The Simon Foundation has agreed to house and board Fatty for free. 

"They do this kind of thing,” Mitchell said. “They will help people in crisis."

Channel 3 spoke with the dog's owner on Thursday. She told Channel 3, this was the hardest decision she's ever had to make in her life, but, she felt she had no other options.  After calling nearly 50 shelters, animal rescues and animal control officers around the state.

She told Channel 3 they all told her it wasn't their problem and there was nothing they could do.  

"Even if you're not a Harwinton resident, feel free to call us and let us try and set you up with somebody that can guide you in the right direction before you have to make that tough choice or do the wrong thing,” Harwinton First Selectman Michael Criss said.

The dog's owner just got a full-time job and will be moving to start a new life.

Both Criss and Mitchell are working closely together to hopefully reunite her with Fatty, once she can care for him.  

"We're going to help her find a way to get him neutered, the training he made need and the supports she may need,” Mitchell said.

Fatty will be transferred from animal control to the Simon Foundation on Friday.

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