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Woman gets 40 stitches after dog attack

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Jade Santiago was attacked by a dog over the weekend (WFSB) Jade Santiago was attacked by a dog over the weekend (WFSB)

A woman was attacked by a dog in the Wauregan section of Plainfield over the weekend.

The couple told police they took a walk on Saturday after moving to the neighborhood, when a pit bull came out of the woods and attacked them.

"Me and my boyfriend were taking a walk down the street and the dog just kind of nowhere and chomped me. It happened all so fast,” said 21-year-old Jade Santiago, who just moved to the Wauregan section of Plainfield.

The couple said they were walking on South Walnut Street just before 5 p.m. on Saturday.

"Terrifying, I mean I wasn't expecting it,” Santiago said.

The couple described the dog as a gray pit bull with a white paw, and no collar.

"It came up from behind us right between us and immediately jumped at her and she threw her hand up and I think she saved her own life by doing that because it was going for the neck,” said Nicholas Guarneri, Santiago’s boyfriend.

Guarneri kicked the dog to get it off her before it ran off.

"It was horrifying and when it's someone you love you just you don't know what to do. It was just a very traumatic experience and I wish it would have gone after me instead of her,” Guarneri said.

He took his girlfriend to Backus Hospital and she was then taken by ambulance to Hartford Hospital.

"It was horrible, the whole chunk was hanging off she had to hold it in place until we got there. That's what scared me the most,” Guarneri said.

At least 40 stitches, and a team of specialists were called in to help.

Police investigated the incident, looking for the dog and any eyewitnesses. On Wednesday they said they couldn't find any evidence that was consistent with the couple's story. They also noticed discrepancies in their story.

As they continued to investigate, police said the attack actually happened within the victim's home on South Walnut Street. The dog was identified as a household pet that belonged to another household resident.

The dog is being quarantined at the Plainfield Animal Control Facility.

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