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Student to ride out Irma in Boca Raton

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One student said she plans to ride out Hurricane Irma at her university. (WFSB) One student said she plans to ride out Hurricane Irma at her university. (WFSB)

While the governor of the sunshine state issued mandatory evacuations for several counties particularly along the eastern seaboard and preparations have been underway, not everyone is leaving Florida, even with Hurricane Irma headed their way.

"I feel like people are not prepared enough. It's going to destroy the state,” 21-year-old Ashley Martinez, who lives in Boca Raton, Florida, said.  

A mass evacuation in Florida had traffic backed up with thousands headed north and travelers are standing in line for hours at airports for any last minute flights.

"Everybody is crazy, gas stations are out of gas. The line is off the expressway,” Martinez, who is from Miami, said. “You can't get out of Florida even if you wanted. It's pretty bad. Tickets are four to five times the original price."

Martinez is currently living and going to school about 50 miles north at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

"Water and food and no gas anywhere and next to the inner coastal we are expecting surges that are over ten feet,” Martinez said.

Martinez said she has weathered a few storms with her Florida family, but she is deeply concerned of what is to come with this major hurricane. 

"Chaotic to say the least. People are getting into fights over gas at gas stations,” Martinez said.

Martinez said she did not leave earlier and neither did her family in Miami because they did not expect the storm to be this bad. Now, she said it is too expensive and it's too late to battle the traffic.

"I put everything in trash bags and put them in my car, just because I couldn't find any wood or anything to put on the windows so yea everything is just in my car,” Martinez said.

Police have been going door-to-door to tell people to evacuate especially on the east coast where they are expected to get the brunt of the storm.

"You can't get food everything is wiped out,” Martinez said. “People are taking their pets with them leaving them at shelters it's pretty crazy."

Martinez plans on riding out the storm where she works at the Hilton Hotel with others.

Meanwhile the governor has lifted tolls and ordered in more gasoline. Some airlines have added flights.

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