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Video: Fearless guard dog scares off wild bear

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(Photo: YouTube: ViralHog) (Photo: YouTube: ViralHog)

Dogs are seriously the best. We can train them to do pretty much anything, including scaring one of nature’s toughest creatures: bears.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by ViralHog, the dog, Curry, was protecting his family from a wild bear.

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And Curry's owner said this isn't the first time the dog has saved the family.

"He's been doing this for 5+ years. Most bears run or stroll quickly away or climb up a tree. Not this guy he's a slow mover. This is his second encounter with this bear and Curry wasn't going to let him stay. THIS IS HIS JOB. We have kids and he has stopped a lot of bears, bears with cubs and coyotes from coming too close when the kids are out. He is always the first to see them, he has even tried a bobcat that got too close. This dog has saved my kids and a few others many times by being on guard."