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Lawmakers expected to vote on state budget in less than 24 hours

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State lawmakers are expected to vote on a budget in less than a day.

They said it's still a work in progress with last minute meetings and few details released.

Connecticut has been without a budget for nearly three months. There's intense pressure to pass one, but some Democrats said they may go against their own party.

Democrats are planning to put forth their budget for a vote. If that happens, Republicans will call for a vote on their own budget.

In past years, Democrats held the majority.

Now, their hold is razor thin. A few votes could change everything.

"Since I have been there we have doing the same thing year after year and it hasn't worked," said Rep. Daniel Rovero, a Democrat representing Dayville.

Rovero said he is not sure how he's going to vote on the budget.

He has served four terms from Dayville. Like many lawmakers these days, he said he's been getting an earful from his constituents.

"They are telling me 'Danny it's time for a change - we can't keep going in the direction we are going in,'" Rovero said. "They all say 'you can't spend more than you have' and that's been our problem."

He said he has some real concerns about some of the things Democrats have been proposing. They want to raise things like the sales tax, a restaurant tax and the latest, a cell phone tax.

Rovero said he favors a spending cap and structural changes, which are in the Republicans budget.

"You're morally and ethically required to run our budget and let the chips fall where they may," said Sen. Len Fasano, the senate president and a Republican.

The GOP put forth their latest budget on Tuesday.

Democrats said they're getting close and said it's a waste of time to vote for the Republican's budget because of it passes, it won't go anywhere and the state will be faced with another executive order with painful cuts.

The Republican budget will never be signed by the governor, ever ever," said Rep. Matt Ritter, the Democratic majority leader. "It it got to his desk, he would veto it."

Rep. Josh Elliot is another Democrat on the fence, He said there are too many cuts and not enough taxes on the wealthy.

He said there's a possibility he'd vote against that budget.

"I am not twisting any arms, so what conversations will take place between other folks and O want to stress, we do not have a final agreement yet," said Gov. Dannel Malloy.

"They have a lot of good ideas in there with no tax increase, maybe it's time we look at their side and we look at our side and we take the best of both sides and we come back with a package for the state of Connecticut that will help everybody," Rovero said.

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