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Shoreline residents, businesses prepare for Jose's impact

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Officials in East Lyme met on Monday morning to discuss preparations for Jose. (WFSB) Officials in East Lyme met on Monday morning to discuss preparations for Jose. (WFSB)

People in Connecticut are watching Jose to see how it could impact the shoreline.

After all, they're no stranger to storms.

"I can remember the men's bathroom being full of water, it really did a job down here," said Charles Maher of Bristol.

Maher said he fishes at Saybrook Point every week. He was there when Sandy arrived years ago.

"I was down here one of the nights when it hit," he said. "The water was coming right up over here, that's when I got outta here because it was so bad."

He's now watching Jose.

It's also something that Ron Sullivan of Saybrook is doing.

"If it gets too bad, we go to the high school," Sullivan said. "They have a high school for us, they're pretty well prepared there."

Sullivan also remembers Sandy and what it did to the area.

"But, when there's a disaster, everyone, the whole town, seems to come together," he said.

For weeks, towns have said they've been ready for any type of storm.

Old Saybrook police chief Michael Spera told Eyewitness News that they have a checklist of supplies.

The town said it has been stocking up on bottled water, cots and portable stop signs to help with traffic in case the power goes out.

"We try to keep pallets of bottled water on hand, some meals ready to eat, and things people would need if they had to shelter," Spera said. "[Monday] might be your day to bring in that lawn furniture, tighten up around the house, and make sure all of your important papers are in order."

In Clinton, staff at one marina sent out an email to all of its customers.

"It's in our contract that we recommend people in storm conditions to tie the boat up this way," said Jeffrey Shapiro, owner, Cedar Island Marina.

Shapiro said it's important for folks to put extra lines on the boat to tie it securely to the main dock.

"When it's crisscrossed like this, the boat's not going anywhere," he said.

He said that boat owners don't have to haul boats out of the water quite yet.

However, he said because boating season is nearing an end, people have been doing it anyway.

Boaters in Niantic said they're aware of the potential wind that could come with the track of Jose.

"We've had a lot of heavy storms and a lot of wind, but if it came up like Sandy again, I'd definitely have a pool," said Stu Carroll, an experienced boater.

Shoreline businesses are also gearing up to be prepared for whatever Jose brings their way.

"Taking down umbrellas, tying down chairs, but I don't think is going to be that bad. 40-50 mile an hour gusts I think we can manage with that," said Anthony Mazzella, manager of the Breakwater in Stonington.

He said a hurricane is never good for business, but the restaurant will be open normal hours during Jose.

"I'm staying optimistic that it'll be nice and you know if people do want to brave it and want to come out and see some action some waves some wind. We're still going to stay open and serve some great food here," Mazzella said.

Not just residents and businesses are preparing for the storm, but utility crews are as well.

Eversource said crews will be monitoring the latest developments and are prepared to respond to damage or outages that are caused by the storm.

“We continue to carefully monitor Jose’s path and are ready to address impacts to the electric system,” said Peter Clarke, Senior Vice President of Emergency Preparedness for Eversource in a press release. “We’re confident our ongoing technology upgrades, combined with our tried and tested emergency response plan, enables us to safely and efficiently handle issues that may arise.”

Crews that have been assisting residents in Florida are returning to Connecticut and will be ready to respond.

The Early Warning Forecast team at Channel 3 is closely tracking Jose.

Here's the latest forecast.

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