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UConn students rally against GOP budget

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UConn students rallied against the GOP's budget on Wednesday night (WFSB) UConn students rallied against the GOP's budget on Wednesday night (WFSB)

It's been more than 80 days since Connecticut has had a budget.

Despite one finally being passed by state lawmakers late last week, not everyone is happy.

Rallies outside the University of Connecticut Health Center's campus in Farmington and the main school campus in Storrs were held on Wednesday evening, where students said they were taking a stand against the Republican budget.

The budget calls for $300 million in cuts to both the health center and the school over two years.

Gov. Dannel Malloy said he will veto it, calling the budget "unbalanced."

UConn President Susan Herbst called the cuts disheartening and sad.

The Democratic version of the budget only called for $100 million in cuts.

Herbst called that painful but "doable."

On Wednesday night, hundreds of UConn students rallied to defend their school from budget cuts. 

“This is not something we should be dealing with right now,” said student Haley Hinton.

She said she hopes to become a lawyer one day. Right now, she works as a waitress at an on-campus office job and a marketing job on the side all while keeping up with her studies.

“Thankfully I work all summer, I work during the school year, I work three jobs and that fills in the gap. If I didn't have the financial aid I don't know how I would be here,” Hinton said.

Those are financial struggles the entire student body and university relate to. 

A UConn spokesperson says division one sports, class sizes, academic departments and majors and even UConn health are all on the line. 

“I’ve been employed by UConn Health my freshman year, that's something that can be cut, my housing my residential housing is international housing, the international programming can be cut,” said student Wawa Gatheru.

The room full of Huskies also made up a large number of constituents who say their vote will count next election.

Many of the students say they'll be taking this rally directly to lawmakers in Hartford on Friday.

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