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Meet Frida, the canine hero of Mexico's deadly earthquake

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(Twitter/@gobmx and Twitter/@rototuile) (Twitter/@gobmx and Twitter/@rototuile)

(Meredith) -- After a deadly earthquake struck Mexico, killing hundreds, the rescue effort began in earnest. People were trapped underneath collapsed buildings. Frida, a rescue dog with Mexico’s Navy, went to work.

First, a khaki padded harness went on, then booties to protect her paws from debris and rubble, then a pair of sturdy goggles. Her trainer attached a leash to her collar, and they’re off. Time to rescue some people.

Climbing around the rubble and guided by her trainer, her ears, and her nose, Frida hunts for signs of life. What she sniffs out can mean the difference between rescuers calling for an ambulance or a body bag.

It’s hard work, but Frida has a knack for it. So far, Frida has rescued 52 people trapped after natural disasters in Mexico. She’s already saved 12 from Tuesday’s earthquake.

She’s become something of a hero in Mexico in the aftermath of the latest deadly earthquake.

Some are putting Frida on Mexico’s currency.

Someone else put her on the Mexican flag.

Mexico's president even gave her a shout-out on Twitter.

She even got something of a parade when she came into town.

And a well-deserved nap.

As this tweet says, not all heroes wear capes. Some wear harnesses, booties and goggles.