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Layoff notices going out to teachers in Plymouth

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The school district and town offices in Plymouth said they are prepared for layoffs following the governor's decision to veto a Republican state budget.

Superintendent Martin Semmel said the school district will begin mailing layoff notices to teachers and staff on Monday.

"The executive order cuts $9.7 million. The entire ECSU grant from Plymouth that's 40 percent of our budget," Semmel said. "How do you plan for a 40 percent cut?"

Semmel said their last day of work will be Oct. 13.

“We’re already in talks of moving forward with layoffs of teachers and other staff,” Semmel said in a news release sent to Channel 3 by state Republicans. “We can’t continue to spend without [state] resources.

The layoffs will mostly affect new hires; however, Semmel said they've been dealing with staff reductions over the past five years.

They have stopped filling positions including the media specialist for the library. The library is now closed more often because there's no one to run it. Three teaching positions will be cut and an assistant principal has been demoted as a way to save money.

"I know tier cuts. They have already put in place what cuts they could to protect the kids," Plymouth parent Erica Lombard said. "But, it's going to start hurting."

Mayor David Merchant said also said town employees could be laid off within the next few weeks.

"Lets not talk about raising taxes just yet because I hope someone in Hartford comes to their senses at some point and realizes the impact you are going to have on small communities like Plymouth and bring this thing to closure," Merchant said. 

Merchant did not say how many people would be let go.

“This [state] budget needs to be signed, we need to move on and we need to have certainty,” Merchant said. “I can’t even figure out the numbers anymore because we’re going back and forth here.”

Gov. Dannel Malloy vetoed the Republican budget on Thursday, leaving lawmakers just two days before an executive order would be issued that could lead to deeper funding cuts.

Semmel had a strong message for lawmakers on Friday. 

"There are ideas on both sides that have merit and they need to get to the table and compromise,” Semmel said. "They need to get this budget because we can not run our school system and wonder what's going to happen to us."

Connecticut lawmakers are expected to meet again this Monday for another round of talks.

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