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Quick Guide: The best months to buy everything

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Sure, we’ve all heard of buying lawn chairs and grills during the winter. Or Christmas lights in July. But what really are the best deals during each month? Sure, we’ve all heard of buying lawn chairs and grills during the winter. Or Christmas lights in July. But what really are the best deals during each month?

(Meredith) –  Deals. Deals. Deals.

But when are the best deals? Sure, we’ve all heard of buying lawn chairs and grills during the winter. Or Christmas lights in July. But what really are the best deals during each month?

Well, here you go! We've got what you need to know from experts all across the internet.


  • Fitness Attire/Equipment: According to U.S News, manufacturers offer incentives to purchases fitness clothes and equipment. After all, it's New Year's Resolution time, isn't it?
  • Linens and Sheets
  • Pools and Hot Tubs: Business Insider claims that January is the best time to purchase a pool or hot tub. Why? Well, that’s when prices are lowest. After all, who is really swimming outdoors in January? Plus it gives you plenty of time to get prepared.
  • Video Games: Many games are released during the fall, right before the holiday season. But once the holidays are over, you can expect to see those games on sale.


  • Cruises: You can lump January in with this one as well. It's usually these first two months that people start planning their summer vacation, which means discounts on trips.
  • Cameras: CNBC says cameras are at great bargain prices in February because that's when manufacturers usually debut new models.
  • Chocolate: Yeah, it's usually expensive right before Valentine's Day. But after? Well, let's just say even the fancy stuff gets cheap.
  • Cell Phones: That's right. Cell phone deals are in February. Why? Buy-one-get-one is a huge attention grabber in February thanks to Valentine's Day.


  • Frozen Foods: March is National Frozen Food Month. Who knew that was a thing? Well, it is. So go get it!
  • Golf Clubs: Lifehacker claims March is the best time to break in that new swing since the newer club models are coming in and store owners are trying to get rid of the older ones.
  • Luggage: If you bought your cruise tickets in February, then March is the best month to get new luggage! Why? Well, it's in between vacation seasons, which means stores are lowering prices. 



  • Mattresses: Ready to trade in your old mattress for a new one? That one you've been sleeping on since you were hibernating this winter? Well, May is the best time to get these deals. The mattress industry usually gets rid of last year's models during Memorial Day weekend.
  • Refrigerators: New models come out in May, which means last year's models are going on sale! So if you need a new fridge, now you know!
  • Office Furniture: If you work from home, or just want an office, your best bet to save money would be May, right after tax season. There are usually pretty good deals floating around.


  • Dishware: June is wedding season, and dishware is the perfect gift for newlyweds. And store owners know this. That's why you'll find great deals during this time.
  • Gym Memberships: Around June, most people have forgotten their New Year's resolutions, which means gyms are looking for more members to sign up. And you know what that means! Summer deals and discount rates
  • Tools: June is the home of Father's Day, and what do most children assume their dads want for Father's Day? Tools. It may not be every dad's cup of tea, but that hasn't stopped stores from knocking prices way down right before the holiday.
  • Lingerie: Victoria's Secret reveals their semiannual sale in June, which means discounts on their products.


  • Jewelry: July is a lull for the jewelry industry. Valentine's Day has come and gone, and the holidays are in the far future. Now is the time to think ahead to Christmas.
  • Furniture: Need a couch? Maybe a table? Shelves? Now is the time. July is a huge clearance month for most furniture stores since they are about to get new inventory in August. 
  • Back-to-School: Summer always seems to go by too quickly. It's almost time for school, which means retailers are gearing up for back-to-school sales. Keep your eyes open for those discounts, right before the last-minute rush in August.


  • Back-to-School: July isn't the only month that has great deals on back-to-school items. 
  • Laptops: With a new school year comes homework. And where there's homework, there's a computer. Many electronic retailers will offer great deals during this time on desktop computers, laptop, and sometimes, even video game consoles.
  • Store Containers and Bed Sheets: Kids are heading back to college, and this is your time to save money on storage containers and bed sheets for them.
  • Swimsuits: Summer may be winding down, but discounts on swimwear is just heating up. Around this time, stores will be getting ready to clear their summer inventory, which gives you a great chance to snag some last-minute deals.


  • Appliances: We've already talked about refrigerators, but what about all your other big appliances? September is the best time to snag great deals since newer models are about to hit the showroom floor.
  • Bicycles: It's about to get colder, which means the end of bike-riding season. But don't worry! Just prepare for next summer buy getting a new bike a greater discount.
  • Cars: Looking for a new ride? Newer cars usually come out at the end of summer. 
  • Lawnmowers: You might be done mowing the lawn, but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared for next spring.


  • Patio Furniture: Outdoor season is finally over, which means stores are hoping to get rid fo their patio furniture inventory as soon as possible...at (hopefully) amazingly low prices.
  • Jeans: These are usually left on the shelves in stores after the back-to-school rush, and October is a great midway point between holidays, giving you sweet deals.


  • Black Friday: Need we say more?
  • Cyber Monday: (See above answer)
  • Candy: Halloween is over, so if you don't mind pumpkin-themed wrappers and candy corn, you can get HUGE savings on cheap, cheap candy to satisfy that sweet tooth.


  • Champagne: Pop the cork! You've successfully saved money this whole year by following our guide! So why not celebrate with some cheap (in price, not quality) champagne. Prices drop because demand is so high that it forces companies to lower prices to compete with one another.
  • Wedding Dresses: Your big day might not be for another six months, but saying "Yes!" to the dress right now could save you big bucks before your big day.
  • Christmas: It's Christmas time, which means you won't be able to avoid deals even if you try.