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Second amendment attorney weighs in on gun control

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The latest deadly mass shooting is heating up the gun control debate (WFSB) The latest deadly mass shooting is heating up the gun control debate (WFSB)

The shooting in Las Vegas is sparking what's already a hotly contested debate over gun control in our country.

The passionate views on both sides are very strong, and second amendment Attorney Greg Cerritelli feels what happened Sunday night isn’t going to change that.

"Absolutely tragic, here we are again with another senseless act of violence, perpetrated by someone with a weapon who's intent on harming innocent people,” Cerritelli said. "The sad thing and the unfortunate thing is when you have someone who's intent is doing harm, they can inflict a massive amount of carnage is a short period of time and that's very, very sad."

As a gun owner himself, and a big second amendment advocate, Cerritelli, says as soon as he saw the eyewitness video from Las Vegas and heard the reports, he knew it was likely the semi-automatic rifle had been altered.

A legal modification, that makes it even more lethal.

“I don't think it’s possible to pull a trigger that quickly and squeeze off a round each time, but there are modifications that are available on the market, that allow ordinary civilians the ability to modify AR-15 type weapons to have them essentially fire fully automatic,” Cerritelli said.

This is something police sources are saying was found inside the gunman's Las Vegas hotel room, along with more than 20 firearms.

“Essentially the recoil of the weapon, you hold your finger on the trigger, the recoil of the weapon forces it to cycle around each time and essentially it can pump out about 600 rounds a minute using that system,” Cerritelli said.

On Tuesday, U.S. Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal joined other Democratic senators and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, pushing Congress to close loopholes in background checks.

Republican leadership has said it’s too soon to talk about legislation, saying people were politicizing the tragedy.

Cerritelli says there needs to be regulation but adds he would not be in favor of an all-out assault weapons ban.

"I support common-sense gun legislation. When I hear stuff like this, being a second amendment advocate like myself, it really sickens me not only for the people that lost their lives, but also its also going to rekindle a debate about guns. We do need common sense regulation, but I hope that we could achieve that without an outright ban on weapons like this for those who lawfully wish to possess them,” Cerritelli said.

As for gun control, when asked about the Las Vegas shooting, President Donald Trump’s response was non-committal, simply saying "we will be talking about gun laws as time goes by."

With dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries following a mass shooting on the Vegas Strip, do you think the incident will lead to new, stricter gun control measures? Vote in the Channel 3 poll here.

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