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LG refrigerator issue creates nightmare for CT resident

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    CT woman given runaround about repairs

    CT woman given runaround about repairs

    Thursday, July 13 2017 3:52 PM EDT2017-07-13 19:52:45 GMT
    Friday, July 14 2017 7:18 PM EDT2017-07-14 23:18:12 GMT

    A Hamden homeowner is out hundreds of dollars after her refrigerator broke down while under warranty.

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    A Hamden homeowner is out hundreds of dollars after her refrigerator broke down while under warranty.

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A frustrated LG customer, who bought an expensive refrigerator, said he's been through the ringer.

Wethersfield resident Pete Kuzma said his refrigerator broke and months later, it still hasn't been fixed.

Earlier this summer, Eyewitness News first told you about another customer's LG refrigerator nightmare. After the story aired, many people reached out to Eyewitness News to say they were going through the same thing and the I-Team looked into these problems.

Kuzma now has his four-year-old refrigerator sitting in his front hallway. He said there was a coil that needed to be replaced, but never got replaced by the company.

His $3,000 LG refrigerator broke four months ago. Kuzma said, after three months of getting the runaround, he caved in and bought another refrigerator.

“They put in the compressor. That worked for one night, not even,” Kuzma said. “Came back the next day, it was dead again. They said it was a different part. Came in for another part after that it didn't run at all.”  

Kuzma said the refrigerator is under warranty. He actually purchased one from LG when the fridge broke.

“Had to buy a contract with them to get it fixed. They sold me a contract for $450,” Kuzma said. “They came out several times to fix it, actually waiting weeks and weeks between times to fix it and finally they declared it unrepairable.”  

But, the compressor itself is also under a 10-year warranty.

“Even though there is a 10-year warranty on the compressor, the seven-year warranty on the unit, which is parts only, no labor and they said we are giving you money back, less $100 for the contract, so I got $350 back and said we aren't going to do anything, you're on your own.”

Kuzma reached out to Eyewitness News for help after he said he saw a story aired on Channel 3 in July. The I-Team helped Jen Grady from Hamden get her money back after her $2,200 LG refrigerator broke down.  

“I spent 10 hours making phone calls,” Grady previously told Eyewitness News.

The I-Team learned their stories are similar. The refrigerators compressors needed to be replaced. And it's not just them, a handful of other LG customers also reached out to Eyewitness News through email with the same problem. Some of the online reviews through consumer reports say much of same.  

“The warranty is for 10 years, but you have to get LG to get an authorized person to work on it,” Kuzma said. “I got two numbers and one guy said he doesn't do compressor work and the other said he would charge me $675 to put in the new compressor and $175 to diagnose the problem.”

Eyewitness News also reached out to some local repair shops who claim, they can't get the parts right away, some aren't authorized workers or they would rather not work on an LG appliance.

One of the main reasons they said don't want to work on LG appliances. They said the company doesn't reimburse them for the work they do on warrantied products.

Eyewitness News reached out to LG for answers. The same media representatives the I-Team talked with back in July.  

At first, the media representatives for LG said: "we'll check into this.”

After the I-team asked them about another customer who reached out to us about her fridge problems.

The I-team has heard from them since July as they haven't returned any of the follow-up emails that were sent to them.  

The I-team finally got a hold of someone this week who said they’ll look into it, but we haven’t heard back.

Customers such as Kuzma said they are still upset.

“I don't understand how they can do that and offer a 10-year warranty, but they said we don't have to fix it,” Kuzma said.

Kuzma said he won't ever buy aN LG fridge again.

“Never again. It's just a complete, there is no local representation,” Kuzma said. “You try to communicate but there is complete animosity and they don't really care. 

Kuzma said he's still out $3,000 on a product they use more than a few times a day.  

LG still has not responded to the I-Team requests

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