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At 97 days, Connecticut remains only state without a budget

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Another day and still no budget. Thursday marks 97 days without a budget and Connecticut remains the only state with the problem.

Lawmakers began another meeting on Thursday morning. Thursday's meeting started on time, but after a break, they decided not to return.

"I would honestly say we are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars apart so I would like to have an agreement by next Friday, Gov. Dannel Malloy said. "There would have to be a lot of movement in that situation." 

Agreeing on a budget and fixing a $3.5 billion deficit has turned into a struggle that has dragged out for more than three months. Despite the house speaker saying this week both sides are close, the governor's latest comments show there are still major problems

Malloy said Republicans and Democrats are still divided on how to cut spending and raise revenue. They have agreed on increasing the hospital tax, which will generate millions of dollars, but the deal is still being worked on.

It is a complicated process and both sides are meeting with their own caucuses  to work out numbers and solutions.

Malloy fulfilled his promise to veto the Republican budget that was passed with bi-partisan support. He claimed it was unbalanced and legally unsound.

Republicans talked about an override, but GOP lawmakers said they didn't have the support to get the $40.7 billion plan through. As a result, no vote was even attempted.

For lawmakers, it's back to the negotiating table. Malloy said he's hopeful a deal can be reached by Oct. 13.

As each day passes, cities, towns and school districts said they are anxiously waiting and watching. With state aid on the line, balancing their own budgets has become impossible and some school districts have already threatened layoffs.

The governor said that the budget stalemate is putting new jobs at risk. Malloy said we could lose thousands of jobs, if a budget is not agreed upon soon.

Another meeting is scheduled for Friday morning.

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