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Remnants of Nate to directly impact CT tomorrow

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Channel 3 has declared Monday an Early Warning Weather Day because the remnants of Nate are expected to have a direct impact on Connecticut. 

On Monday, torrential rains may cause minor urban and street flooding, due to the fast pace of the rain.

"Yes, the ground really needs a good soaking since it has been so dry lately, but we don’t want too much rain all at once," Channel 3 Meteorologist Mike Cameron said. 

Wind, although not horrendous, may be strong enough to take a few weak rain-laden tree branches down. Some gusts could reach up to 30 mph. Lightning is also a possibility, though scattered, Cameron said. 

"There is the potential for one half to an inch of rain in Connecticut, if not slightly more," Cameron said. 

The National Weather Service out of Boston also discussed the possibility of a few stronger thunderstorms.

"Abundant cloud cover and heavy rain should limit highs to the low and middle 70s and the air will remain humid," Cameron said. 

As for the timing, the stormy weather will come Monday, with most of the heavy rain occurring during the afternoon and evening hours.

Rain will likely end Monday night or early Tuesday morning. At that time, the remnants of Nate move rapidly away to the east of New England, reducing the storm's impact overall. 

Temperatures will bottom out between 60 and 65.

Nate as of Sunday morning was a tropical depression. Nate brought a burst of flooding and power outages to the U.S. Gulf Coast before weakening rapidly Sunday, sparing the region the kind of catastrophic damage wreaked by series of hurricanes that hit the southern U.S. and Caribbean in recent weeks.

As of Sunday evening, Nate was centralized over Tennessee, West Virginia, and Ohio. Throughout the mid-west and Carolinas, tornado warnings have been issued. 

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