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Woman claims Yale fraternity was racist

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Leo fraternity house (WFSB) Leo fraternity house (WFSB)

There are claims of racism lodged at a Yale fraternity after a woman claims she wasn't allowed into a party because of the color of her skin. 

This isn’t the first time the fraternity house has been accused of this. 

Alexys Washington was out with friends when she spotted another friend coming down the steps of the Leo fraternity house on High Street early Sunday morning.

"We just asked him how that party was and he said he didn't know, he didn't get in,” Washington said. "I didn't really believe that that was the case, so I was just in awe.”

The belief was he wasn't allowed into a party because he's black. So, Washington says she went up to the door herself.

"I asked him if they were still letting people into the party, they said no, they were shutting it down for the night, no one else was getting in, said thank you have a good night,” Washington said. “We went across the street and saw a group of white males getting into the party."

Feeling it was the color of her skin that was keeping her out, Washington called the police and made a noise complaint and then posted her experience on Facebook that's been shared hundreds of times.

The fraternity responded on Facebook saying “We want to make sure everyone is aware that the individual was turned away because of our policy to only admit Yale students with a Yale ID or those accompanied by Yale students with a Yale ID."

That’s something Washington said never happened.

"If you asked me for my ID I wouldn't have made a big deal about it because that's justifiable. If you asked me if I had an ID and it wasn't a Yale ID, I couldn't get into the party, that's okay, I couldn't get into the party, but you didn't ask for an ID, you just said no,” Washington said.

This isn’t the first time an accusation like this has surfaced at this same fraternity.  

Two years ago, Yale investigated a similar complaint when the frat was associated with the national chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

A student trying to enter a party said she heard someone say "white girls only."

Yale said while it found no evidence of systemic discrimination, it was disappointing, adding the fraternity's behavior fell short of the community standards the school promotes.

Now called Leo, the fraternity posted: "As an organization, we condemn injustice and discrimination of all kinds, and our house will always be open to Yale students of every race, religion, orientation, and background."

"I was naive, I didn't think it was going on and now my eyes are open and I feel everybody else should open their eyes as well,” Washington said.

She added that the fraternity president did reach out to her, along with Yale’s associate vice president of Student Life, which is now investigating.

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