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Dress debate 2.0? Internet all riled up over what color this shoe actually is

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(Meredith illustration, image from Twitter) (Meredith illustration, image from Twitter)

(Meredith) -- It’s happening again. A photo of a clothing item, posted on social media, is causing a raucous debate over what color it is.

Before, the infamous dress that was either blue or white. Now, a shoe, seen by some as teal on grey, and by others as white on pink.

What colors do you see?

The poster of this photo said the shoes aren’t hers, but she thinks they’re grey and teal.

Another twitter user thinks the shoe is actually pink and white, and just looks teal and grey in the viral photo because of the lighting and the camera’s flash.

All over Twitter, people weighed in with their takes on the colorful conundrum.

A professor of neuroscience told the Guardian the differing experiences of the color of the shoe were due to the brain attempting to color correct, something our brains do constantly.

“The sky is blue, but everything you see under a blue sky isn’t blue. This is because your visual system is pretty darn good at figuring out what part of the light that you’re seeing is caused by the light source, and what part is caused by the surfaces themselves. We only really care about the surfaces – this is the part of the light that tells us about objects. The color of the light itself is usually pretty meaningless.” -Bevil Conway, associate professor of neuroscience at Wellesley College

The debate may already be settled, though. The shoe appears to match a Vans women’s shoe called ‘Old Skool,’ which comes in mahogany rose (pink) and true white, but not grey and teal.