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Veteran told he can't fly Navy flag

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A veteran was told he can't fly his Navy flag at his condo (WFSB) A veteran was told he can't fly his Navy flag at his condo (WFSB)

A Navy veteran is being told to take down his military flag as the condo association he lives at says his flag doesn’t fit their requirements.

It’s the U.S. Navy flag he served under for six years, in Vietnam and the Cold War. Now his condo association is asking him to take it down.

Joe Allen, of Enfield, served in the Navy between 1965 and 1971.

“I was in the minesweeping squadron,” Allen said.

He came home still fighting.

“I came home with my PTSD, and I was diagnosed with severe PTSD, anxiety, depression, and anybody that knows anything about PTSD, it’s a never-ending video seven days a week, 365 days a year,” Allen said.

Allen says his flag gives him solace and reminds him he is home.

“It’s comforting to me to be able to come up in the morning, see my flag, besides the American flag, but this is where I served, I served in the Navy,” Allen said.

He and his wife of 44 years, Joann, moved to the Laurels Condominiums in Enfield in 2003 for retirement.

Allen has had his Navy flag outside the condo he owns for almost a year.

“Just all of a sudden, they do a walk around and they decided to say you can’t put your Navy flag up anymore,” He said. “They took the happiness out of living here.”

So, Allen has been doing his research and making calls.

“We got hurt, we did our job, they’re sitting here fat and happy so to speak and enjoying the freedom and they pick on somebody that really tries to conform to all of the rules that they come up with,” Allen said.

According to the handbook on rules and regulations that Allen has, it says the American flag, or a decorative, holiday or seasonal flag is acceptable.

“It’s a symbol of me serving my time, for the freedom that we live with and it also reminds me that I made it home,” Allen said.

He added that the condo association wants to fine him $25 a day for each day he has his flag up.

“To me it’s ludicrous, I’ll be point blank, it’s ludicrous, it’s just un-American for Americans, so to speak to do that to me,” Allen said.

There are other military veterans in the community that have shown their support.

“He was in the Navy, I was in the Navy and all I’m asking the members of the Laurels or the board at the Laurels, because of his service just to make an amendment,” said Ray Cobb, who is a neighbor.

Channel 3 called Premiere Property Management and the president of the condo association at the Laurels. Both said “no comment.”

“We served and we don’t make a lot of noise sometimes but when it hurts. It’s just not right,” Allen said.

Allen has a hearing set to discuss hanging his Navy flag for Nov. 14, at 6 p.m. at the Laurels pool house.

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