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Car maintenance and preparedness best ahead of heavy wind, rain

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Sunday is expected to bring heavy wind and rain, even possible flash flooding in low lying areas, and if you must drive, be prepared.

Experts offered advice for drivers who happen to get caught in the heavy downpours.

Triple AAA spokesperson, Amy Parmenter told Eyewitness News that taking a break while driving is the best course of action in blinding rain.

"When there's a change in the weather, you need to change your driving habits and people don't really do that for rain the way they do for snow,” Parmenter said.

“Thus, you have a lot more single vehicle accidents where people hydroplane and slide right off the road."

Fallen leaves, Parmenter described, also pose a hazard for drivers. Leaves, she said, can blanket the road and make traction difficult.

As for vehicle upkeep, Parmenter recommended one of the most important things to do is ensure windshield wipers are thick rubber, not cracked. Parmenter stressed keeping tires properly inflated with the correct amount of tread.

Still, tractor trailer driver, Angel Colon, told Eyewitness News that if he could warn drivers in the rain tomorrow, he would say “slow down.”

“You see it all as an 18 wheeler driver. So, do you think people in the rain go too fast or too slow?” Colon asked. “They go too fast because they don't respect the weather and that causes the accidents and everything."

Parmenter also warned against using cruise control while driving in the rain. She said keep your headlights and taillights clean and illuminated.

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