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CT travelers in NYC say extra security makes them feel safe following attacks

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Following Tuesday's deadly terrorist attack in New York City, extra security measures have been enacted at high-profile locations including airports, bridges and mass transit systems.

Commuters going through New York City's Grand Central Terminal said they were rattled by the attack, which involved the driver of a rental truck plowing into a bicycle lane and killing eight people.

Grand Central is a big hub for commuters from Connecticut.

"When acts like this do occur, it makes me actually want to come to the city more to show we are safe and secure and our lives will not change," said Jerome Turner of Trumbull.

Turner said he commutes to the city every day from his Trumbull home.

Even in the wake of Tuesday's attack, he said he feels safe traveling to and from New York.

"I feel very secure coming through Grand Central at all times," he said. "I feel very secure in the city with the increased presence."

Trains from Connecticut have been arriving from there since early Wednesday morning.

"I didn't have any reservations about coming in [Wednesday] morning," said Susan Bristol of Fairfield.

Commuters said the added security ordered by Gov. Andrew Cuomo has made them feel safer.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department said it has stepped up its uniformed and plainclothes presence in both Penn Station, Grand Central and other train stations throughout the Metro-North and Long Island railroad networks.

Commuters can expect to see police canine teams with heavy weapons, step-on and step-ff patrols on trains and random bag checks.

Bristol told Channel 3 that she and her friend Colleen Bragdon of Stratford came to the city on Wednesday for a fun day.

Still, the attack is at the back of their minds.

"When will it ever stop? It won't," Bristol said. "I don't think it will, it's the new world."

Scivilize Allah of New York City agreed. He said he was a few blocks away from the incident.

"It just makes you think, where are they going to hit next? Who are they going to hurt next?," Allah said.

Despite that, the commuters Channel 3 spoke with said there's only one thing to do.

"The random acts, there's nothing we can do about them but we just have to keep pushing on," Turner said.

Cuomo reminded people that if they see something, say something.

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